Father's Day Love

It is my delight and honor to share details of the latest book from the desk of my brother, Pastor Harold CarterMy Father’s Gospel: Reminisces of a Son is a tribute that reflects on the life of the late Dr. Harold A Carter, Sr., from his early ministerial development through to the shared pastoral ministry with his son. I had the privilege of reading this book as it was heading to the printer. It was the request of the author that I write the foreword. I was happy to do so. After reading the book, I realized that my brother's relationship with our dad was quite different from I had with him.

"Hope and Love Last Longer"

Today marks one year since nine prayer warriors were senselessly murdered during Midweek Prayer at Emanuel A.M.E. Church. This week is marked by anguish and disbelief of another senseless slaughter when 49 people at the Pulse Club were mudered and 53 left wounded. What is remarkable and true is the strength of people to rise from despair. The widow of Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Jennifer Pinckney said "there is hope that there is going to be a better tomorrow." She is not alone as this voice of hope rose from the massacre in Orlando.    photo credit:Alex Holt/WashingtonPost

21 Things I Love About Hamilton

Last year in Vogue magazine articles appeared about a musical coming to Broadway that would revolutionize theatre. When my husband and I took our daughter to school in New York in August we tried to get tickets. When we realized no one had them we asked the hotel’s concierge. He told us he had one ticket that he was holding for a celebrity who paid $900. That’s when I knew something was afoot. From that moment I was on a quest. Mother's Day weekend I saw Hamilton and I can report what they said is true. After answering questions for so many, at weddings, in the market… and in the spirit of tonight's Hamiltony’s, I have listed some (not all) of my star points. 

My Husband was The Love of My Life

I always had someone in my life to cover me. Now I am in a spot where I am responsible for myself and it has been difficult. My husband and I did everything together. I never thought that he would be taken from me so soon. I fully expected him to return to the pulpit after he recovered from surgery.

The Power of Forgiveness

If you watch The Today Show you may have noticed the series “One Small Thing” a new feature of the show. Truth be told, I have only see 2 of them, but today's “One Small Thing” for Family and Friendship Friday was about ForgivenessElizabeth Lombardo was the psychologist who spoke about the topic. She gave a rationale and a strategy for forgiveness. She also talked about the benefit of forgiveness, in that it benefits the person who gives it. For me, this series clip was a divine bookend for the week and I want to share.

Resurrection Means...

This year my daughter did not have a break from her studies and not wanting her to be alone for Easter weekend my son and I made the trip to visit her.  The hidden agenda in my plan was to witness the Easter Parade. Growing up I always looked forward to seeing the ladies in their bonnets in Sunday Styles section of the Times. Over the years it has become more eclectic but it remained a hidden desire of mine.

The Sisterhood of the IAMWMW

Seeing friends and the connecting with the sisterhood is always part of the feel good factor of attending a ministers’ wives conference and I was happy this year’s Northeast Regional was close to home. The Maryland Association of Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows hosted the 2016 Northeast Regional Conference of the International Association of Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows. The MAMWMW, led by President Eloise Jackson, accommodated the conference attendees with grace and excellence during the weekend event. Over 360 women registered for the conference that included Holy Communion, stimulating workshops and dynamic speakers.

First Lady Chat 'n Chew

As the sun was starting to shine on Tuesday over 100 pastors' wives gathered at First Baptist Church of Glenarden for a First Ladies Chat 'n Chew. The event hosted by First Lady Trina Jenkins, First Lady DeeDee Freeman, First Lady Peggy Maclin and Co-Pastor Susie Owens brought together pastors' wives from Prince Georges County, MD and as far away as Tennessee. Everything was beautifully prepared and executed. From the arrival where cars were valet parked, to the the fresh flowers and satin linens, to the swag bags and a splendid buffet that included a breakfast area and a lunch area, all of the pastors' wives felt special. 

Harold Carter goes to the United Nations

Of special note to me, Pastor Harold Carter was one of the speakers for the symposium. His address was A Conversation on Culture: Bridging the Divide, An Analysis of Rapidly Changing Cultural Mores and Their Impact Upon Evangelical Recessionary Trends. I am delighted that my brother was able to participate with the other clergy as this was the first time a religious organization addressed the United Nations. 

Ready, Set, Wed!

To kick off the year the proposal of Pastor Raphael Gamaliel Warnock to Nadiémè Oulèye Ndoye was featured. This month of love is closing out in a fantastic way with the wedding celebration of the newly engaged couple. Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday this year and at the Ebeneezer Baptist Church Sunday began with Pastor Warnock leading 60 married couples with vow renewal during the 11 a.m. worship service. After the morning worship he presided over the nuptials of a young couple. Then at 2:30 Pastor Warnock became a groom and Rev. Dr. Lawrence Edward Carter, Sr. officiated the ceremony.  From beginning to end it was a day of love.

The Dating Minister

Today is February 29, and to mark this once every four year occurrence, it seemed a good time to ask a Significant Single Sister if women still need the boost of empowerment from this quadrennial opportunity, aka St. Bridget’s Day, to approach a man. Minister Kristen Kimble, the creator and blogger of The Dating Minister has a fantastic site where she chronicles her thoughts and experiences in the dating world. She is candid, funny and real while simultaneously providing a ministry to other singles. She was gracious and shared her thoughts about a flipped script in the dating world.

The True Foundation

The meteorologist said temps would be in the low 20's, but wind chill would make it feel like 13°. It did not matter last Friday night to the scores of young people who bundled up and walked from the sanctuary of Highland Park to the construction site of the new sanctuary.  A good blessing was that members of the construction team stayed late... with their butane heaters. And so after a song and prayer, markers were passed out and the students began to write.

Amazima Is...

Years ago, in an issue of Just Between Us, I read about a young woman who was so moved after a missions trip to Uganda that she decided to return and make Uganda her home. Her name is Katie Davis, and her book Kisses from Katie-A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption became a New York Times bestseller. Katie made her first trip to Uganda with her mother. During the three-week trip, she was convinced in her spirit that Uganda felt like home. When she returned stateside, she immediately started looking for ways to return. Her parents agreed that she could return to Uganda for nine months to teach kindergarten, if she promised to attend college when she returned.

Shabbat Shalom

Last Friday, January 15 on what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King’s 87th birthday my family joined our neighbors and friends Rabbi Steve and Loren Weisman and their son David for Shabbat. Every year the Interfaith Clergy Council of Bowie, MD has a service on MLKing Day to mark the contributions of Dr. King. This year Rabbi Weisman invited my husband to share the Shabbat meal in his home and to speak at the Temple Solel for service on the legacy of Martin Luther King.

Way to Start 2016

There are a bucket load of reasons why people do not like to miss church. Many of them involve a closer walk with God, spiritual growth, discipleship and fellowship with other believers. However, every now and then there is a moment of simultaneous and collective awareness that something out-of-the box is happening. The time my brother surprised his wife, and the congregation, and had Johnny Gill sing to his wife to mark their 30th wedding anniversary, comes to mind.

As 2015 bid farewell and 2016 was in its infant moments, Pastor Raphael Warnock started the year with a you had to be there moment. Imagine the worshippers at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, they are at Watchnight Service. Happy to be in church and grateful to have made it through another year, they are preparing to head out, perhaps to other celebrations or home.

Link Love, In Case...

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There has been a lot of buzz on social media about purity aimed at millennials. This is great, especially since it provides a counterpoint to the prevailing notion that has been around for generations that everybody is doing it. However, what to do if you are a mature Christian? Godsygirl takes on that topic and she is real, she is honest and she is a blessing.